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Basic Surfing Lessons:

These very popular surfing lessons teach you how to safely get out and up onto your first wave. You will be taught by local and experienced surfing instructor.  At first we start you up on the beach and teach you how to recognize surf conditions and practice your surfing technique before you get into the water. Then its off into the ocean, where you start off in broken waves  the white foam created after the waves run their course. At the end of your classes you will be able to catch the waves on your own and practice surfing.

Your Basic Surfing Lessons Package includes:

·         2 Day Accommodation in our nice Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo, Costa Rica (Dorm Room)

·         Surf Board - Unlimited Use

·         2 x1 Hour Surf Lessons with experienced instructor

$100 for 1 Person, $90 for 2 people (per person), $80 for 3+ people (per person)



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